Welcome Wilfred! #SPI ️ #SandcastleDays2016 ️ #SandyFeet ️ #SandSculptors ️Le…

Welcome Wilfred!
#SPI ❤️ #SandcastleDays2016 ❤️ #SandyFeet ❤️ #SandSculptors ❤️

Let’s meet another sculptor. Wilfred Stijger is a Dutch sculptor/painter/inventor who has graced our event for several years now. His most recent win was in Parksville, BC with the imaginative and evocative piece pictured below of little kids flying airplanes made out of cardboard boxes. He is the creator of the famous “Willysphere” sand shapers, and you can learn more about those and what you can do with them when he and his partner Edith offer a free workshop on Sunday, Oct. 9 at Clayton’s beach. (Details to follow.) Wilfred has also worked on several sculptures on the Sandcastle Trail over the years, enabling us to enjoy his talents long after he has returned to Holland. Welcome back, Wilfred!

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