Let’s talk about Abe Waterman​ – master sandsculptor and defending champ of the …

Let’s talk about Abe Waterman​ – master sandsculptor and defending champ of the 2015 SCDAys contest. Abe has won/placed in this contest more times than I can keep track of, but the first might have been with a fab ZZ-Top themed sculpture. Two years ago he paid homage to Stevie Ray and last year to our own sadly-departed Raybo. Abe is talented and lovable for so many reasons, but I think the biographies he submits would have to be very high on that list. Here is this year’s:

October 3rd to 9th, 2016 will mark Abe’s 9th appearance at South Padre Island Sand Castle Days​, which any astrologer would be happy to point out, is a lot of dates and numbers in one sentence, and therefore incredibly portentous. Of no less significance, it will have been nearly precisely one year to the day that has elapsed since Abe’s 8th Sandcastle Days. It doesn’t take an analytical mind to see that there is a higher power at work, unfolding its intricate, many faceted, master plan right before us: The stars are aligning, the gates are opening, the mother ship is landing, destiny isn’t waiting so much as pressing in on us from all sides! The big question now is, what does all this indicate? What will befall us on the fateful day of October 9th, when the judges final decision is shouted forth, and, like a sonic shock wave, their decree pulses its way across the lands? Will the vanquished be smote and turn to ash, disappearing among the sands at what was their feet? Will the winners be granted the key to the heavens, a first class ticket aboard the mother ship on a voyage to interstellar fame and riches? We just don’t know, and Abe even less so. But, what we can tell you is this, this Sandcastle Days, Abe does plan on rounding up a posse of all those willing (sea turtles included, naturally) to party like there’s no tomorrow, which there very well may not be, possibly winning his way to a place among the stars on the way.
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