Let’s meet another sculptor…Twelve talented sand sculptors are about to descen…

Let’s meet another sculptor…

Twelve talented sand sculptors are about to descend on SPI to wow us with their talents – today we will feature one who is near and dear to my heart…. Emerson Wierenga Schreiner is practically a local and his mad sandsculpting skills and sunny, helpful disposition are getting the attention of other sculptors and event organizers all over the world. (He thought that fine art degree would help him be a better painter, but we think it might have helped his sculpting as well.) He has helped his Aunt Lucinda (sandy feet) place in the money the last two years in the doubles division of Port Aransas Sandfest, and is arriving early to help her get Sandcastle Days underway. Yay, Emerson!

“Emerson is a painter and sand sculptor who splits his time between Grand Rapids, Michigan, and South Padre Island, TX. He spends the summer months giving sand castle lessons for Sandy Feet Sand Castle Services and working on the South Padre Island Sand Castle Trail. Emerson has made an appearance both as a sandslave and a sculptor at Sand Castle Days, and is super excited to return again as the latter (though he has a love for digging trenches and fixing hoses as well!) When not painting or sculpting, he can often be found cooking tofu or standing on his head.”

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