Let’s meet another master sculptor! Christy McDonald Atkinson is another “second…

Let’s meet another master sculptor! Christy McDonald Atkinson is another “second generation” sculptor, the offspring of SPI’s own beloved Amazin’ Walter McDonald. The two often team up together at other contests, but it has been a few years since we got to see what Christy can do on her own…

Christy got her start playing in the sand alongside the Amazin Walter (her Dad. She has competed and placed in many competitions with him including the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, The World Championships in Harrison Hot Springs Canada, Texas Sand Fest in Port Aransas Texas, Expo Quebec in Canada, Sand Blasters 3 in San Diego, Sand Castle Days on sunny South Padre Island, Siesta Key Classic in FL and SandBash in Ft Myers, FL. Currently she is self-employed creating art and helping others have fun as Christy the Clown, Ruby the Pirate Queen, and other characters. She lives on sunny South Padre Island. “ I have had some great jobs. From working at Disney World to being a clown for Ringling Bros. Circus. I love entertaining people. Sand is just another way to bring smiles to everyone.” She is very excited to have the opportunity to compete at South Padre Island’s Sand Castle Days again! Christy is also very happily married to Captain Darren Atkinson, the love of her life. Find out more about her at www.christyclown.com
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