How to use SPI Perks

So how do you use SPI Perks?  SPI Perks was created to allow YOU to be the content creator – much like an online magazine – not by a simple share to only targets group members (and mostly locals), but content that is highly searchable and exposed to the entire world to see!  Ready to bring the wonders of South Padre Island to the world?  Here’s how to get content on the site.


  1. Ponder a story, as in a article of a detailed description of a venue or event…
  2. Submit quality content about the venue via our Submission Page
  3. Content allowed to be included are images, youtube videos, social media embedding (via the link provided there), single photos (advertisements) and galleries.
  4. Pick the proper category – yes, you can add multiple posts – one category at a time.
  5. Media content must accompany a quality article / post.
  6. Keywords?  Use your venue name and the world South Padre Island over and over..  along with setting this as tag words during content entry…Think about how people would search to find you.  What would you ‘Google’?

Quality means different things to everyone.  Think about an article you read about a tasty restaurant, or the latest parasailing adventure we offer on South Padre Island..  that is the type of content we seek.  Mouthwatering, Exciting, Hillarious, Adventurous, Information and even BOLD…

Although all posts will go live instantly, we will review the posts.  If those posts are unrelated to the area, or something that is NSFW it will be deleted and you could be banned.