About us

So you are are thinking, what on earth is SPI Perks about? 

SPI Perks is a different kind of marketing website.  It’s a viral publishing tool created for South Padre Island to work together to build business and traffic, one that allows the creativity of one to flow about anything pertaining to the island, it’s venues and entertainment .

SPI Perks is developed in such a way to let anyone be the content creator, for one simply cause: Drive viral traffic through search inquiries and sharing.

…the more you post, the more exposure you will get

What exactly does that mean?  Online publishing creates traffic, and the more content you create about South Padre Island and the area, the more search engines get ‘pinged’ that an update was just made.  Search traffic isn’t a secret folks, it’s based on uniqueness, and if South Padre Island isn’t unique I don’t know what is…

The wonders of the island awaits through your eyes, business exposure and ramblings.

We utilize publish social media feeds and compile them on a daily basis into viral posts which then get broadcasted out again on our social media channels.  This creates links back to our website, along with additional traffic to your social media spots.

If you see yourself or your venue on this website, we probably are pulling your PUBLIC feed to help you build exposure. If for any reason you do not wish to be associated with our website, please contact us to be removed – or – we can easily add a very nice tagline to each post that bring you more viral traffic.  Everything we do is nothing different than search results.

  • There is a credit source disclaimed at the bottom of all posts.

Help drive traffic to South Padre Island as one by allowing the creativity to flow…

If you want to be included on the website, shoot as an email via our contact form or find us on social media.