A New Sea Fishing Phenomenon has arrived



As recently featured on ‘Tight Lines’ on Sky Sports, this evolutionary technology has just arrived in the UK and is taking the country by storm with impressive results already being seen from Boat & Shore Sea Anglers. Esca Technology is based on the sea’s own method of catching prey using lure lights as bait. Esca Technology is the only fishing product in the world that simulates natural lighting.

Esca have developed advanced Sea fishing technology for use in Esca light-emitting lures – a technology that allows our lures to generate their own power supply when in contact with seawater. The light-emitting lure is deactivated when it is no longer in contact with seawater, so Esca Technology does not need any batteries. This means that Esca Technology is environmentally friendly and is not subject to the corrosion that often forms around batteries. 

The Esca Technology lure light lasts for at least 100 hours of active fishing (the time the unit spends in salt water). Esca Technology is also extremely robust and reliable. Unlike most technological electronic components, it can withstand pressures of over 500 meters in depth. Try for yourself and find out why sea anglers around the world are all talking about this product

Try different colors and frequencies to see what works best in various waters and conditions.

Esca Blue lights and Green lights are optimized to emit very specific wavelengths that mimic the predominant lure lights used by marine organisms.

Esca Blue light attractors are generally recommended for clearer waters and deeper waters because it is the wavelength that penetrates deepest and furthest.

Esca Green light attractors are generally recommended for murkier waters and shallower waters containing more particles and algae. 

Try for yourself and you will see why people around the world are all talking about this product! 



Source by Escalure Fishing Tackle

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